Genpact Job Interview Placement Paper (Kerala)


Selection Process:-

1)Logical reasoning

2)Simple aptitude

3)Reading comprehension


All of these r not in diff headings okie....


Simple aptitude like :

1)a tank is filled in 5hrs and anothers pipe drains the tank in wat time is the pipe filled.

2)some equation n to find x

3)a simple train n distance ques.



Logical reasoning

1)a family tree

2)a simple ques with some conditions I tried out summers n all..but the ques were really simply there was not need of all tat


The englich passages were tough with the ques like...wats the conclusion n stuffs We had two sets of papers....the other set consisted of avg's questions


Then i cleared it n then came the GD the topics were like..

1)capital punishment

2)cricket( something related to tat)



then the HR:

1) i was asked abt my marks,the fluctuations

2) strength ,weakness

3) was given two aptitude problems to solve

4) abt the company

5) if there was only 2 days left to die,wat would i do

6) if they gave me 1000 bucks wat wud i do with it.

7) abt the bond,abt the relocation to hyd or kolkata...

8) family


Finally placed in Genpact.



1. Written test

2. GD

3. Interview


1.written test: This test is very easy. mostly they will concentrate on average and they will give two compositions and two logical reasoning questions which will be very very easy.(no need to prepare for this round) In this round they will select the candidates who talk smoothly .dont be aggressive and be fluent


3.interview: The interview consists of mainly technical questions. they will ask the question from all the subjects in our branch. I am from CSE branch and i am interviewed for half an hour only technical questions. they will also ask to write some simple programs or algorithms. they will ask some basics in physics and chemistry also from intermediate. 




All The Best?