Flextronics Placement Paper (Aptitude & Technical)


Aptitude Questions


1.Age problem


2. Time and distance


3. Coin


4. direction problem


5. (2n + 2 n-1/2 n+1 2n) what is gives if n = something


6. ( 10n 1) n>1 when is divisible by 11.no divisible by 8


7. find the missing no. when it is divisible by some no


8. Boat problem


9. Average


Technical Questions


10. Which one is called family tree


11. virtual function and overloading


12. DHCP protocol


13. order of insertion and Heap sort


14. left recursion


15. find output: for(l=1;a<=l;a++)

cout<<++a; cout <


16. DEBUG trigger (flextronics)


17. In unrestricted session which system privilege mode is used (flextronics)


18. NEXTVAL and CURRENTVAL in sequence (flextronics)


19. Unix system call like Var( )


20. OS 384 support which memory management


21. Complexity to access name from the given double link list


22. Which WAN network is suitable for the 100Km or m. distance network


23. If duplicate segments , file are there in hardisk which is best for management

a) FAT

b) SAT


24. stop n wait protocol is associated with which layer


25. find errors from the c and c++ codes.


26. 3 questions on operating systems. One question on algorithm


27. Using which pin it's possible to address 16 bit addresses even though there re only 8 address bits in 8085? Ans: ALE


28. Voltage gain for an amplifier is 100 while it is operating at 10 volts. What is the O/P voltage wen i/p is 1 volt


29. Quality factor indicates a) Quality of inductor b) quality of capacitor c) both


30. Questions related to bridges, routers and generators, which OSI layer they corresspond to.


31. OPAmp's I/P ciurrent, O/p current and CMRR is given, what is the voltage gain


32. 2-3 questions on scope of static variables in C.


33. Question to print a value of a pointer


34. OPAmp's I/P ciurrent, O/p current and CMRR is given, what is the voltage gain


35. A question to find the physical address from a given virtual address, virtual to physical address table was provided


36. 6 bit mantissa and 8 bit exponent can present what maximum value?


37. 4 bit window size in sliding window protocol, how many acknowledements can be held?


38. Security functionality is provided by which layer of OSI


39. Frequency spectrums for AM, FM and PM (figure given, u'veto tell which Kind of modulation it belongs to)


40. Among AM and FM which is better and why?


41. Last stage of TTL NAND gate is called: Ans: Totem Pole Amplifies


42. SR to JK flip flop conversion. Ans: S=JQ', R=KQ


43. LSB of a shift register is connected to its MSB, what is formed: Ans: RING Counter


44. 2-3 Questions based on Demorgan's laws (identiies: (A+b)' = A'b', etc)


45. 2 questions on Logic gates (O/p of logic gates)


46. Difference in IRET and RET statements of 8086


47. How many address bytes are required to address an array of memory chips

(4 * 6), each chip having 4 memory bits and 8k registers.


48. Diff. in memory mapped and I/P O/P mapped Input/Output (Refer a book on Microprocessor)


49. Question on pipeline architecture


50. Question on LAPB protocol


Flextronics Software Placement Paper & Pattern




Test Consist of 7 Sections.For every section they Will give you some amount of time.After that time slot, they will collect the Question Papers From you.

No Negative Marks.......


SECTION 1 : Verbal Ability


No Of Qns : 15

No Of Mins : 15


Qns From (1-10) : Combination of Fill up the blanks & Synonyms

Qns From (11-15): Passage reading ( Qns from that Given Passage)


SECTION II : Analytical Ability


No of Qns : 15

No of Mins : 20


Qns From (16-30) : Combinations of Set


Better Be Familiar with R.S.Agarwal matterials for

Clearing this section.


SECTION III : Mental Ability (Very Easy)


No Of Qns : 15

No of Mins : 15


Qns From (31-35) : Pattern Matching E.g AsHraf aSHraf Ashhraaf

We have to check and tick the correct answers

whether all three datas are same or different.

Qns From (36-40) : Simple Maths like if * stands for +,- stands for/

then what is 2/5*8-8= ?

Qns From (41-45) : Passage and some condtions will be there,We have

to tick

The Answers depends upon the conditions


SECTION IV : Operating Systems,Data Structures and Algorithims


No Of Qns : 15

No Of Mins : 20


Qns From (46-52) : Data Structures (Mainly Linked List,Tree,Queue.



Qns From (53-60) : Operating System Concepts


SECTION V : C or C++ Programming (Its Our Choice)


No of Qns : 20

No of Mins : 20


I have selected C ,Most of the Questions are from Pointers.

so Please Be thorough With Pointer Concepts.


SECTION VI : Learning Ability


No of Qns : 10

No of Mins : 15


In this Section,First they will give you one Passage,

You have to Read and memorize the Important Poits in 10 mins,


B"coz After 10 Mins they Will Collect that paper from you.

Then only They will give you 10 Questions.In this Section

they are checking Candidates Grasping Power & Memory Capacity.


SECTION VII : Essay Writing


No Of Mins : 5 Mins.

In this Section They will give you One Situation,

For that Situation You have to Write an Essay ,Maximum of

100 WOrds.


So Be Prepare With Tehnical Concepts,Then only You can

Clear the Test.B"coz they are Maintaing a Section

Cut-off for Every Sections.


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