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Ciena called me for a full day interview at their Gurgaon facility. This was of course preceded by a preliminary telephonic interview (With Abhishek Singh)


On 10-Aug-2007, when I reached Ciena facility in the morning, I waited for a few minutes before HR (Ravi Wadhawa) escorted me inside for the interviews. I was impressed by the look feel and the environment of their office.


Interview 1: Jim Wensink - TECHNICAL

After a few minutes wait, Jim entered the meeting room I was wainting in. I was little tense before the interview. Jim was cool like cucumber and made me feel so relaxed within few minutes that interview wasnt like an interview, it was more like a little informal discussion.


He started by asking a few general questions like why I was looking for a change and how did I prepare for this interview and then slowly moved on to OS questions specifically VxWorks.


Question were like-

* Whats RTOS, why RTOS?

* Differences between GPOS & RTOS.

* Scheduling, priority inversion/inharitance.

* Priority inharitance bug in Vxwroks 5.3 which I didnt know about. Jim explaning me this issue in VxWorks 5.3 and that WindRiver fixed it in newer version 5.4.

* Some C++ question on inharitance, virtual methods.

* What happens when base class pointers pointing to inherited call object. Would a compiler give an error?

* Simple C questions like- returning local from a function, passing by value/reference.




















* Now if you are linking a.o with math.lib which also has above two functions, what would be the result? If there is no error, why?

* How library file are included during linking?

* If you remove add() function definition from above code and then link with math.lib, results is an error. Why?


This discussion lasted close to an hour.



Interview 2: Preeti Singh - TECHNICAL

This interview too was in lines of the first one. Preeti asked me questions on C++, Sonet and C.


* Inheritance in C++.

* About my earlier work on SONET.

* She was from Transwitch asked me what transwitch devices we used in our products.

* Drivers used. Did we use our own drivers or supplied drivers from vendors. Why/Why not?

* little endian/big endian.

* C program to convert little endian to big endian. Implement htons.

* Convert little to big endian using UNIONS. ( I coudnt do this one).

* Padding in structures. How to do it?

* Word alignment. Exception generated when there is a misaligned address.

* Why alignment is required?

* Bitwise calculations.

* Adding four numbers using bitwise operator. Why bitwise?

* How bitwise operations are better than simple addition?


Lasted 45 minutes. Preeti didnt look too happy in the end.



I was impressed with the lunch served at Ciena. Simple, best possible quality and free of cost.


Interview 3: Kanwal Jawanda - HR

This was the final interview for the day. Most of the time Kanwal was talking about Ciena's past and market Ciena operates in . He talked about Competitors, Financials, Acquisitions, India presence etc.


* Why I was looking for a change.

* Salary etc.


Rest of the discussion was trivial as most of the HR rounds are.



Career Website: http://ciena.com/careers/JobSearch.aspx




Gurgaon Address:

Ciena India Private Ltd.

Plot Number 14, Sector 32

Gurgaon, Haryana 122002



Official Website: www.ciena.com


Submitted By : Anonymous, Bangalore.