Tech Mahindra | Placement Paper (Aptitude, Technical) - 21.01.10


Company Name : Tech Mahindra

Type : Fresher

Exam/Interview Date : 21-Jan-2010

No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Techincal Round-1, Techincal Round-2

Location : Chennai


Job Interview, Question Paper Writeup. : Hi friends i attended the tech mahindra recruitment process on 21-01-2010. It consist of four rounds


    * On line Test

    * Technical Interview-1

    * Technical Interview-2

    * HR


Online Test consist of 100 questions


    * 35 Q's from logical reasoning-Non verbal

    * 20 Q,s from logical reasoning-Verbal

    * 15 q's from quantitative apps

    * 10 Q's from reading comprehension

    * 10 Q's Englsh-1

    * 10 Q's English-2


The tech-1 interview was very easy the hr's tried to get some answers from us they asked only basic and your technical strengths and project and paper presentation .. all the persons who attended this interview were forwarded to next round...


In Tech-2 he asked me the technical strengths(he expects more than three) i told ds,os,c,c++ then he asked me rated myself in those subjects after that he shoot out the following questions




    * what is spanning tree

    * did you heard about Travelling sales man problem

    * what is shortest path

    * what is BFS DFS

    * explain prim's algorithm

    * what is linked list and doubly linked list

    * What is the advantage and disadvantage of doubly linked list

    * write the code for finding no of elements in a circular linked list

    * what are the types of traversals




    * what is shell

    * what schedulling algorithm is used in Unix

    * how will you avoid dead lock(Banker's algorithm)

    * what is the difffernce between an interupt and function call

    * differ between multi user and multitasking

    * there are two programs one is os and another one is an application, in a single processor system what will be executed only the os or only the application or both the os and application.. and how?

    * Is there any chance of deadlock in C




    * is it possible to store different type of variables in a single array?

    * int a=10;

      int b;


      will it show an error

    * what are the stoge class in C and tel the scope and life time of it?


Finally in hr Round


    * Intriduce urself

    * read this bond after that sign it.......


By : Gowtham KS


Tech Mahindra Placement Paper 2008 (Technical-Interview)


Hey guys, Im Nikhil Unnikrishnan from Terna Engg. College. I got placed @ TM on the 21st of March. This time they r out with a package of 2.9lacs. Let me first of all thank for helping me out wid the preparation style n believe me guys, cracking tech mahindra is not a tough job.


We did not have an online exam for the aptitude. Apti had a set of 75Q which r to be solved in 60mins. It consisted of 5 sections:

1)Verbal & quantitive

2) Verbal, Nonverbal

3) Appropriate preposition & words

4) Fill in the blanks(English)



The verbal sections were really easy. Don't waste ur time in preparing 4 these. It took me just 15mins to solve the 45Q of these section.


The quantitative part was really tough. In the remaining 45mins, I could solve only bout 15-20Qs. Try n solve Shakuntala Devi puzzles for these. Plz don't ignore R.S.Agarwal. As there wasn't negative marking, I blindly answered the rest!!!


The results were put up in bout 20mins n out of 80 students, 36 were selected. Then ftr about an hour, v were asked to fill up a form n thn v had our tech interview.


I was asked 24Q in TI n I had to face the interviewer for about 30mins!!!!!!!


The questions were:


1. Introduce urself.

2. U seem to be musically inclined!!!

3. Subject of sem 5 that u like.(Ans. Microprocessors)

4. Draw the architecture of 8086 n explain it in 90 secs.

5. What is BIU & EU?

6. Where is the memory module?

7. Have u learned computer networks?

8. Tell me whtz LAN n WAN. Give examples?

9. What othr subject did u like in sem 5?

10. What do u study in DCOM?

11. Tell me whtz multiplexing?

12. Explain TDM

13. Explain FDM

14. How will u decide as to whn FDM or TDM shud b used!!!

15. Who according to u is the best guitarist in the world n why?(Ans. Steve Vai)

16. Who is ur favourite keyboard player n why?(Ans. A.R. Rehman)

17. Y shud TM hire u?

18. ur strengths(Ans. Leadership Qualities)

19. U expect to b a leader in d first year itself?

20. ur weaknesses n how do u overcome it (Ans. Frustration,overcm usin meditation(gr8 joke))

21. What is ur goal?(Ans. To become a s/w analyst)

22. Whtz d work of an analyst?

23. I do d work of an analyst, but Im a project manager!!!(Ans. Terminologies do differ)

24. How do u come to college? How much time does it take?

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