Results will be revealed after 10 days from the exam conducted.



30 QUESTIONS , 30 Minutes



1) and 2)Two Questions of Antonyms?

3) Select the choise to form a correct sentence 5 questions! (Fill the 2 blanks)

4) Data sufficiency statements 5 questions!


Eg: They give us some statements and a sentense derived from that: then ask that


whether this derived stmt can be derived from the given stmts.


5) (0.05)(0.01)=?


6) Ravi Started at a point towards East abt 5km and then he took right turn and walk abt 5km and again he took right turnand walk abt 15km, then in which direction he is now?


7) In numbers 1-40 (including 1 and 40) if al numbers which is exactly divisible by 4 and/or has digit 4 in it are eliminated then how many numbers are left?


8) If REST=SFTU, Then PART=?


9) If 1st two and 2nd two and 3rd, 4th, so on? of a number 273589 is interchanged, what is the 3rd digit from right end?


10) Passage reading with 5 questions!


11) If one vehicle has covered a distance of 385km in 7hrs and second vehicle has covered a distance of 715km in 13hrs, then what is the difference of speed of 2 vehicles?


12) If a>b by 2 and b>c by 10 and a+b+c=130, find b+c-a=?


13) Number series?.(1 question)


14) 8 Red balls, 6 White balls, 12 green balls and 2 black balls are there. What is the probability that one ball drawn from that balls is exactly black?


15) Suppose A,B,C,D,E persons are there, A is 7th to left of B from right end, D is 3rd to the right of A and 20th from the right end. Cis 20th from the left end and 7th to B, now what is C's position from left?

(Paper) SoftSol Placement Test Paper


Hi folks,

I have attended SoftSol test on 25th march Saturday.the test was aptitude.

They said it will be of 1hr but have conducted only for 30 minutes ,30 questions.


It contain 3 sections ,

1) Mental Ability ------ 10 M

2) Logical Reasonig ------- 10 M

3) Computer &IT ------- 10M


I don?t remember all of them but I listed out which I do,


Section 1: ( Mental Ability)

Questions from logarithm ,limits and functions are asked


1) ?a2-ax+x2 - ? a2+ax+x2 = ?

? a2-ax+x2 -a2-ax+x2


a) a1/2 b) a-1/2 c)0 d)None


2) log 8 x1/8 / log 8 x =?

a) Have 2 natural numbers b) have irrational numbers

c) have 1 natural 1 irrational d) None of above


3) Lt x->0 xa? log lt

Lt x->0 xa ? cos ?/2lt dt - cos ?/2lt dt


a) 0 b) 1 c)????????..



some questions related to functions also asked?????????..


Section 2: ( Logical Reasoning)


questions related to pie chart,and some normal quesions r asked.

Section : ( Computer and It related) all 10 questions r from c++ but some questions r different

1.what is Ada?

2. what is Dongle?

3.match the following

1.IFELSE A. related data


3.goto c.

4.break d.

and one more match the following also.................

4.when a program is written 4 memory spaces r allocated?

a.stack b.heap variable d.operators e. all


some others which I don?t remember surely.


Ok all the best

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