SATYAM  Technical + HR Interview Paper Pattern





Finally technical and HR round were together.


These questions surely based on the person who interviews you.


TECHINICAL:- Explanation of your project will a must, Only Project which you have done in your final sem will be considered and you need to face many questions on your project.So brush up your final sem project well.


Questions on FAFL .







Questions on c,c++



malloc,calloc, their differences,syntax



Process scheduling algorithms (ex:- round robin ............)

Virtual memory

Cache memory


Routing algorithms.




I took the satyam GD test on october 22nd. Few of the

topics that were covered are:


1.Is China a threat to the indian software industry.

2.Role of UN in Peace keeping

3.War on Iraq

4.About Hockey being the primary game in India.





This is the easiest and the coolest part of the process..Basically Q's o ur Project and basics of C,C++ and Java.Most frequently asked Q's

Diff. b/w C++ & Java,conectivity of VB with Database,etc...


There were 3 rounds

1st-Logical reasoning aptitute test(15 questions 30 min)

2nd-Group discussion(10 min)

3rd-Technical cum hr interview(half an hr)



1.Be alert abt what others r talking take a chance to give ur opinion,b sure that u have a strong n sensible point to speak out.

2.Mostly ppl who initiate the talk r who conclude the talk will get through.

Make sure u r anaysing the ideas of ppl there so that u can give a conclusion,there is a chance that u might b particularly asked to conclude the discussion.

3.Be confident while u speak

4.Stick on the point which u r speaking( far r against) dont deviate from the topic.

5.Stick on to one side either far r against till u finish unless n untill u r asked to change the side.

6.Make frnds with ur grp mets know abt them(i mean their names) b4 goin.

7.dont rise ur voice unnessesarily(dont speak much with out giving others a chance)


Regarding interview



1.Dont show off too much

2.Dont indicate that u r desperately seeking a job (i mean over react)

3.Avoid wrong ans even if u dont know accept u dont know doesnt matter.

4.Make urself well versed in atleast 3 relevant subjects to the company, specify them as ur favo subjects when asked.

5.B confident while answering with a smile on ur face.


*Describe about your project

*What makes Java,platform independent?

*Whats bite-code?

*Default kernel of redhat 7.2?[2.4.7-10]

*Difference between C and C++

*Whats a volatile and transient modifier?

*Does JAVA have pointers?[yes they have,but its implemented internally]

*Difference between C++ and JAVA?

*Whats the equivalent of JAVA in internet today?

*Whats JNI?

*Main data types in C[auto,register,extern,static]

*Whats object-orientation?

*How does JAVA implement multiple inheritance?[extends classes & implements interfaces]


HR Interview


*Why do you want to join Satyam?

*Describe about yourself

*Your long term plans

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