SAIL Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern 19 July 2009


Company Name : SAIL

Type : Fresher, Job Interview


Hello friends.


These are some of the questions of SAIL examination that was held on 19 july 2009 of branch CSE. There were basically two sections.250 questions in total and a time period of 2 and a half hours.


Section 1- Core technical

Section 2- This was again divided into 4 subparts

i. General awareness

ii. Verbal ability

iii. Reasoning

iv. Aptitude Now, coming to the core section,there were 100 questions from the branch papers.


So you can simply imagine from where the questions were asked. Almost everything was included. Right from the dms,to algorithms,digital electronics,compiler design, networking, automata theory, data structures. And the C program output. We were told that questions could also be asked from the operating systems, though there were no questions from OS but they can be asked as it is an important subject of CSE core.


Coming to the questions, only some of them I could remember and they are as follows:

Dms- questions on tautology ,to prove some expression to be a tautology.


Algorithm- which sorting algo has the time complexity of nlogn Find out time complexity of some given expression Which Algo has the minimum time complexity Find out Postfix and prefix expressions of some given expressions Say a binary tree is arranged in the form of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-find the traversal if infix is followed


Digital Electronics- there were many questions asked as how to implement some expression like xy +z (something of this sort, I don’t remember exactly) using only nand gates or using only nor gates. these questions could be solved by using the concept of implementing the circuits using only nand and nor gates. There were also questions that asked the minimum number of nand gates needed to implement some expressions. Also go through SOP and POS expressions How to reduce certain expressions to more simpler ones. Compiler design-what is the purpose of lexical analyser -syntax analysis is performed by what (parser///) -compiler checks what of the following (syntax /semantics/ ../..) Automata theory-there were a large number of questions from the types of Grammar (type 1/2/3/0) Go through Context free grammar, regular grammar, Chomsky Normal form .


Data structures- in which of the following linked lists data can be accessed from Both the ends but not from the middle(queue/stack/../…) Others -what will you use for taking out the color hard copy (RGB monitor /scanner/laser printer/ink jet printer) Part 2 this consisted of 50 questions from each of the following subsections:


i. General awareness


    * Which is the oldest veda -author of panchtantra

    * Tenth guru of sikh

    * Who presides the combined sitting of lok sabha and rajya sabha

    * Census (this was the word if I am not wrong) was introduced at the time of which dynasty

    * Which state showed the least increase in the population during the year 1999-2001

    * While electing the vice-president of india,the group consists of whom

    * Which river does not form a delta (options were given)

    * Which is the smallest state of india areawise (Nagaland/mizor am)

    * The different color of stars is due to the difference in (temperature/density//)

    * “Man is a social animal” who said this? (Aristotle///)

    * Purity of milk is measured by (hydrometer/hygrometer//)

    * The tropic of cancer does not cross which of the states of india (rajasthan/Jharkhand//)

    * A question on test tube baby


ii. Verbal ability:

This included questions on English Questions on similar meaning words,on opposite meaning Words There were two passages based upon which 5 questions each Were asked. Some of the words are:-


    * Sycophant

    * Expedite

    * Garrulous

    * Spurious


iii. Reasoning ability:

The questions from this section were answerable. you can Go through the verbal and non-verbal reasoning of R.S. Aggrawal Like-


All moon are stars. all stars are sun. then some question. Complete series of diagram -coding and decoding -number series completion - i ii iii what will be the fourth figure? -loin : cub :: camel :?


iv. Aptitude- Questions from trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry (lines, circle),tank problems, profit and loss, time and work, limits, simple and compound interest, percentage, age problems, compound ratio.


If x=sin ß + cos ß Y= sin²ß Then which of the relations is satisfied?


Calendar problems like if some date is Sunday then what day Will be some other day?


For aptitude part too,follow R.S.Aggrawal so friends these were some of the questions that I could remember. I had a great problem in knowing the exact syllabus of SAIL exam for my CSE branch and I don’t want these problems to be faced by other people. Remember that there is a negative marking of ¼ on each wrong answer so answer the questions’s not that the questions were Difficult.


All you need is to pay a little attention. I hope that this piece of information is going to help those who appear for the exams next. So good luck guys!


All The Best.


Exam/Interview Date : July


No of Rounds :


    * Technical Round-1

    * Group Discussion - GD

SAIL Latest Job Interview Placement Paper (Technical, Reasoning, English & Aptitude)


Company Name : SAIL

Type : Fresher, Job Interview



1.where does a body have least weight?

a) at the equator

b) at the poles

c) at earth's center

d) none of these


2. what is the millman's theorem?


3. what happens if a dc motor is fed an ac signal?


4. calculate electron mobility.


5. power MOSFET is voltage controlled or current controlled?


6. if u want a 640 k RAM, what specification should u specify in the drive?


7. max efficiency of a class a amplifier?


8.what r resistors in IC made of?


9. 6 girls and 6 bos sitting randomly in a line. what probability of girls being together?


10.what is the prob. of two friends having birthdays in same month?


11. (D^2 + 4)y= kx what if PI?


12. lim x-infinity sinx/x


13. express x/(x+1) as taylor's series


14.principle of jet engine


15. why hydraulic systems used ina aircrafts instead of electrical?


16. steel + ? = corrosion-resistant material?


17. what happens to speed of em wave as frequency increases?


18. which char. of em wave does not change when it travels from one mdium to another?


19. circuit given. find attenuation in db.


20. circuit given. how much feedback?


21. (s-1)/(s+1) is high pass filter/ low pass filter?


22. fastest logic family among rtl, dtl, ttl?


23. in common emitter config. change in iC on changing vBE?


24. what happens if gate voltage of an ON scr is decreased?


25. fermi level change with temperature in n type semiconductor?


26. mosfet has threshold voltage 1v when n+ polysilicon is used in gate. what is threshold voltage when polysilicon used is of n+ type?


27. simple ckts using zener diode.


28. what is the p+ substrate in an isolated pn junction ic connected to?


29. opamp circuit given. open loop gain=100. closed loop gain=?


30. which type of parameters( h/y/z) suitable in particular application?


31. given parallel LC ckt. find angle between currents in branches at resonance.


32. what is Q of series RLC ckt? (voltage gain/ admttance etc.)


33. resonant freq of parallel RLC ckt. ?


34. thin metal foil inserted between capacitor plates. foil connected to one plate. change in capacitance?


35. ques on reflection of em wave at air= dielectric interface. dlc const=9


36. what is brewster's angle?


37. why microwave freq not used for ionospheric propagation?


38. uhf range?


39. freq range used in satellite comunication?


40. which ionospheric bands used for commercial purposes?


41. question on transmission line impedance matching?


42. flip- flop d, t 43. convert 32 k pulses to 1 hz pulses using decade counters etc.


44. ques on sets and relations


45. integration


46. rank of matrix


100 technical questions in 1 hr. +1/-.25


(Section 1): 150 general questions in 1.5 hr. +1/-.25


(Section 2): section 2 consists of:

a. general awareness (history, geography, civics, economics- basic on india)

b. english (passage, synonym, antonym, grmmatical error detection etc)

c. reasoning

d. apti all sections' and all parts of sec 2's cut-off should be cleared.


Some ques have all incorrect answers. beware don't stick to difficult questions, move on. many numericals, skip difficult ones.


Exam/Interview Date : 19-Jul-2009

No of Rounds : Screeing Test

Location : Delhi


Contributor: User Submitted!

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