Paper Type : Whole Test Paper

Test Date : 20 April 2007


Hello friends. I would like to share my experience about NIIT technologies paper.


The paper consisted of 2 sections :


1st was picture series and the 2 nd section consisted of aptitude , logical and tech questions.


The picture series section consisted of 36 questions and the allotted time was 30 min.

U can practice that questions from RS Aggarwal. The section was not as much tough.

There was no negative marking in the paper. The figure matching section was exactly the

same as that of L&T core paper. U can also go through L&T core papers.


In the second section there were

10 aptitude question( speed, time , distance, % age ): they all were easy

10 technical question (C++ , DBMS, OS)

also there was one puzzle and 5 question were asked from that

5 question were of English

and 5 more question were there which i don't remember



After the written test , there was ppt.

Then after that the results were announced.

Then they started calling students for TECH-HR interview.5 panels were taking

the interview. My interview lasted for 15 minutes. The questions they asked from

me were:


1st :Tell me something about ourselves

2nd:Ur favorite subject other than C and C++. I said Data structures. Then he asked

questions from data structures like What is a data structure, types of data structure, about stack and queue,

about binary search trees that whets the difference b/w Binary tree and Binary search tree.

Then he asked about PRE order and POST order traversal. After that he asked questions from

DBMS (what is a trigger, one Sql query) .

3rd: Then he asked "WHY I SHOULD HIRE U" ?????


Then he said that's over from my side. DO u want to ask any questions???

Always try to ask some question regarding the company's clients, future aspects etc.



Paper Type : Candidate Experiences

Test Date : 11 April 2007

Test Location : Haldia


Hello friend this is gouraw..........starting with a good news that i m got selected in NIIT technology on 11th,April.07.I didn't get much information about the selection procedure so i am giving u the full information i can.....


Let's start with the beginning. NIIT Technology came to our college yesterday...i.e on 11th April

The selection procedure consisted of two round


1.Aptitude test

2.Personel Interview (Technical ,HR)


Aptitude consisted of two parts........

1st part: 30 minutes:36 questions

In the 3x3 matrix 8 figs will be given and u have to fill the 9th one in 3x3th position from the 8 options given.


some questions are tough but most of the problem is very easy. My suggestion will be that just give max of 15 secs to every ques if u r not able 2 solve that just move on to next ques and if time left than back 2 the ques that u not attended...


 2nd part: 36 questions : 30 minutes

It consisted of 5 sub-parts -----

i) 5 questions:3 fill in the blanks with appropriate word and 2 are synonyms.

ii)1 simple puzzle

iii) 3rd part is new one for me........there were three columns and depending on the condition of the first column u have to select ...


a) first column value is greater than second

b) second column value is greater than the second

c) both are equal and so on


iv) Maths : Quantitative aptitude (10 questions)

v) Technical : C, C++, DBMS, OS (10 questions).


90% ques are very easy but little bit lengthy it just check ur time managerial skill.....After 1 hour our results are announced and 21 students selected for the interview from 59 students(cse,it,ece)........fortunately my name was there


After around half an hour our interview started.......i m the fourth to face the interview magic........My interview was around 50 was mix of HR and technical.The ratio was 2:1....

The magic was.......

Me: May i come in sir.

NIIT: yes.

ME: good afternoon sir.

NIIT: good afternoon .take ur sit. tell me abt urself.

ME:I mentioned one word while introducing me time managerial skill so there HR just concentrated on that particular topic and the discussion is around 15 minutes and then technical ques started.

NIIT: what is OS.

ME: told..

NIIT: they asked me how os manages resources...tell me in detail.

ME: told. they quite impressed by my answer.

NIIT: then they asked some basic ques on c,c++ and DBMS.



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