NESS Technologies Paper Pattern 22 DEC 2006





After getting hard back-hits from 15 GR8 companies and not even making through written Exam atlast I was informed by my Placement officer that I am the one among 5 of MVSREC to become a member of NESS family.


Actually the Exam Procedure is as follows,


1) Verbal Test of 25 Minutes with 25 Questions. (General English Ability)


2) Quantitative Ability of 25 Minutes with 25 Questions. (RS Agarwal{Quant}, CAT material will be more than enough)


If one is through these two consecutive above tests then he had to appear for


3) Technical Test of 25 Minutes with some (I FORGOT :P) Questions and we have to write the answer there.(not a multiple choice).


4) Passage writing (we didn't have this).


5) HR Round



The pattern in NESS is  

1. Written Test

2. G.D

3. Technical Interview



Written Test contains 125 Questions (10 C, 15 C++, 25 Core Java, 25 J2EE, 50 Aptitude and Verbal)


C: In C all are basic questions i would like to advice you to read Yeswant Kanitkar,


C++: I dont know C++ so I left all the questions because negative marking is there, so be careful



I know Java very well, So i didn’t leave even one question. the Questions will be like

1.they gave me a java program which contains two main methods and asked me to predict the output

2.some questions on constructors

3.some questions on oops


Aptitude + verbal: among all the sections it’s very  easy so try to get maximum marks in it. even though I am poor in verbal i did well


2: GD

In our GD there are 10 members among them they selected 2 members. our topic is Terrorisam.

some other topics are Is India need a Fourign Coach or Indian Coach


3: Technical Interview

My technical Interviewer was very nice. He did not tourchered Me. I told my role model as SWAMY VIVEKANANDA when he asked me about my role model. I told him a lot of practical stories and finally he asked me to tell in one sentence then i replied  “HE IS AN INDIAN WHO TEACHED ENGLISH TO ENGLISHMAN”. He was very impressed

he asked me some basic technical questions like

1.Differences between Structure and Class

2.What happens if we increment a Pointer

3.Some DBMS Questions


4: HR

here also I received same hr questions like in other companies and finally they selected me.

NESS Technologies Test Paper At Bangalore (2005)


This is the pattern of Ness Technologies in November 2005 at Bangalore, It consists of 2 sections of written tests for 2 hours ,followed by GD and technical interview ,HR. The written test consists of Aptitude 50 questions and technical 60 questions (all objective).  Attitude mainly consists of logical reasoning. They give a passage (abt 4 lines) and ask questions on it . Its mainly English given in the aptitude section. Its better to prepare rs aggarwal verbal and non verbal reasoning.



Experiment in a laboratory on 200 mice which r injected with x solution and other 200 mice injected with sugar solution. the effects following are given.30% of mice injected with x solution die due to jungle fever..


Choose the correct option:

1. there is a possibility that that few mice which r given x soln are already infected with jungle fever before the test.

2.people died in Africa due to jungle fever as they r infected from mice.

3.soln x leads to jungle fever.


 Questions in tech r easy but all topics are covered.

Client server model(5 questions)

Sql (15 questions)

Dbms (5 questions)

C (20 questions)

Cpp (15 questions) algorithm is given on deletion and asked to find whether it is 1.queue2.stack 3.list

2.questions on graphs which sides . r ||el .

3.questions on roots and null branches.


A tree containing n nodes has how many null branches. N+1


4.questions on container class. In cpp.

5.client server protocol (what r functions of client and protocol)

6. 2 tables r given and questions are askes on it. Queries r given and answers are given (u should choose the correct one).


7. query is given and 4 queries followed which would lead to the same answer as above.


8.the tales r like:

region table:

n north

s south

e east

w west


sales table;

city region sales names sex etc

lucknow n 675 anil, nicky m

lucknow n 600 kumar m


Bombay w 550 ashwini f

Bombay w 700 siva m

Calcutta e 450 Madhu m

Delhi n 600 ghani m


Some more rows are given


Other Questions:

Select city from sales data where name=’%ani%’.

Select city from sales data where avg(sales)>550.

Select *from sales data where avg(sales)>all(select sales from sales data where sex=’f').

Ans the query containing max(select sales from salesdata where sex=’f')


9.questions r given on Integrity in DBMS. (what is domain integrity, referential integrity).


10.fully functionally dependant (which normal form.)


11. C and C++ sections contain both programs and theory questions (u need to round the correct answers)

NESS Technologies Test Paper Pattern (2005)


50 Questions from Aptitude.. 1 hour

 out of this 50 questions

 10 - Analytical reasoning

 10 - Logical reasoning English (This is tough one prepare well)

 10 - comprehensive (passage reading) (This is tough one prepare well)

 10 - simple Mathematics (very very easy)

 10 - English Grammar (I think u can do)


 60 Questions from Tech.. 1 hour


 10 - Data Structures (read about graphs, tree traversal, stacks, ques, sorting algorithms)


 10 - C (they asked from Exploring C. So be thorough with all examples and exercises)


 10 - C++ Basic Concepts from Balagurusamy


 15 - C++ programs from Balagurusamy (Concentrate more on inheritence, constructors and virtual functions)


 10 - SQL Queries (Study all basic commands like select, update, max, min, average and group by)


 5 - Client - Server (definitions of client server)


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