Mascot Placement Paper (Aptitude- Reading Comprehension & Numerical Ability)




(passage of one and half page.)


The question & answers based on this passage were given. There were 5 questions. You shouldn't expect the same passage to be given to you but we have written down the questions to give you a general view of the type of RC questions that you can expect


1. A reductive cycle is one in which


a. an employer attempts to reduce costs

b. the work-force is gradually reduced in number

c. costs decreases as....

d. there is less productive effort on the part of employees


Ans. (d)


2. If a substantial number of employees remain the reductive cycle one may assume that


a. the org. is enjoying increased business

b. the personnel dept....

c. the boss is not...

d. there is an unwholesome..


Ans. (a)


3. The passage indicates that unionizations of a worker...


a. opportunities for the workers realize..

b. opportunities for the workers to ...

c. more please working...

d. greater fringe benefits include


Ans. (d)


4. According to the author management failures in supervision mainly attributable to


a. carrying...

b. a soft-hearted...

c. ignorance.

d. lack of consideration.


Ans. (d)


5. Employees will get together to seek an improvement of conditions because of dissatisfaction stemming from

i. social just

ii. economic

iii. moral decadence


a. i only

b. ii only

c. i and ii only

d. i & iii only


Ans. (d)






6. The monthly personal maintenance allowance for a family of an employee is determined by the average age of family and size of the family. Jacob was drawing rs.570 as PMA after he got married 6 years back. At present he draws Rs 720 as PMA with his family of 3 after the birth of son?


a. 2 years

b. 3 years

c. 4 years

d. 5 years


Ans. (d)


7. White collar sells a shirt for an amount. Due to off season sale white collar started offering a discount of 20% on tag price. come diwali, white collar offered a further discount of 10% on the reduced price. If i get the shirt for Rs 108 what was the original price?


a. Rs.180

b. 160

c. 145

d. none


Ans. (d)


8. A vertical stick 10-cm long casts a shadow 6 cm long on the ground under similar conditions a tower casts a shadow 10m long determine the height of the tower to the 2nd place of the decimal.


a. 16.67m

b. 17.70m

c. 16.8m

d. none


Ans. (a)


9. In the fig given below ...... which curve represent the monthly savage (the fig.cannot be recollected by the candidate)


a. LR

b. ST

c. PQ

d. none


Ans. (b)


10. Two poles of height 7m and 12m stand on a play ground. If the distance between their feet is 12m,find the distance between their tops.


a. 12m

b. 13m

c. 11m

d. none


Ans. (b)




1. One Nibble = ?


a) 8 bits

b)16 bits

c) 4 bits

d)32 bits


Ans. (c)


2. Hexadecimal and Octal representation of 1024 ?


3. What a compiler does ?


4.What type of interface does DOS have?


a) Graphical interface

b) Character interface

c) Symbolic interface

d) None of the above


Ans. (b)


5.What is the abbreviation of CPU?


a) Control Processing Unit

b) Central Processing Unit

c) Central Programming Unit

d) Control Programming Unit


Ans. (b)


6. Fortran is used as a


a) Scientific Language

b) Business Language

c) Language used in LANs

d) Applications Language


Ans. (a)


7.The total number of characters in the ASCII code?


a) 126

b) 256

c) 258

d) 128


Ans. (d)


8. In Windows NT- What NT stands for?


a) Network Techniques

b) New Technology

c) Network Transmission

d) None of the above


Ans. (b)


9. Which is not an input device ?


a) Keyboard

b) Disk

c) Mouse

d) Light pen


Ans. (b)


10. Which is not a pointing device ?


a) Mouse

b) Joy stick

c) Light pen

d) None


11. Who is the CEO of Microsoft ?


a) Bill Gates

b) Steve Jobs

c) Steve Balmer

d) Andy Grove


Ans. (c)


12. 4GL ?


a) Fortran

b) SQL

c) ADA


13.Who is the father of Computers?


a) Alan Turing

b) Charles Babbage

c) Bill Gates

d) None of the above


Ans. (b)



14. Which of them is Object Oriented Language.?


a) Basic

b) C

c) C++

d) Fortran


Ans. (c)


15. Power PC is the product of ?


a) Microsoft

b) IBM

c) Apple

d) Motorola


Ans. (c)


16. The latest processor being used these days by Intel is?


a) Pentium-III

b) Power PC

c) Pentium pro

d) None


17. MS Word is ?


18. First Super Computer built in India.


a) Cray

b) Param

c) Aryabhatta

d) Arjun


Ans. (b)


19. Which of the following companies do not manufacture chips?


a) Microsoft

b) Motorola

c) Intel

d) HP


Ans. (a)


20.What is the full form of LAN


a) Local Area Network

b) Local Arial Networking

c) Loop Around Network

d) Loop Area Network


Ans. (a)


21. What is the full form of WAN


a) Wireless Application Networking

b) Wireless Access Network

c) Wired Access Network

d) Wide Area Network


Ans. (d)


22.What is a Modem ?


a) Modulator Emmulator

b) Modulator Demodulator

c) Mode Modulator

d) None of the above


Ans. (b)


23. What is the full form FDD


a) Floppy Drive Detector

b) Floppy Drive Demodulator

c) Floppy Disk Drive

d) None of the above


Ans. (c)



24. What is the full form BIT


a) Binary Integer

b) Binary Term

c) Binary Digit

d) None of the above


Ans. (c)


25. Information is ?


a) Message

b) Data

c) Processed data

d) None


Ans. (b)


Mascot Placement Paper (Quantitative Aptitude Section)


1. How many degrees hours hand rotate in 10 minutes?


a) 6

b) 5

c) 4

d) None of the above


Ans. (b)


2. 1/(10 18) - 1/(10 20) = ?


a) 99/1016

b) 99/1014

c) 99/1015

d) None of the above


Ans. (a)


3. 0 <x < 1: Which is greater ?

a) 1/x2

b) 1/x

c) x

d) x 2


Ans. (a)



4. c=a/b ; a-1=c What is the relation between a&b.b=?


a) a/(a-1)

b) a/(a+1)

c) (a+1)/a

d) None of the above


Ans. (a)


5. The sum of 7 consecutive odd integers with 27 as the fourth number.


a) 183

b) 181

c) 185

d) 179


Ans. (b)


6. For (66666666666666)2 + 888888888888,what is the number at the unit's place


a) 2

b) 4

c) 8

d) None of the above


Ans. (b)


7.32736 Express it in product of 3 numbers.


a) 41,42,43

b) 31,32,33

c) 32,34,33

d) 38,38,33


Ans. (b)


8. Radius of sphere is increased by 50%. By how much percentage is surface area is increased.


a) 150%

b) 125%

c) 128%

d) 225%


Ans. (b)


9. In which of the following , 2 as a common factor , can be eliminated.


a) log(x2)/log(y2)

b) (logx*logx*logx)/(logy*logy*logy)

c) (logx*logx)/logy

d) None of the above


Ans. (a)


In this section ,a question is followed by 2 statements A and B. Any one of these statements, or both are sufficient to answer the question. Mark your answer as :


a) If statement A alone is required

b) If statement B alone is required

c) If both the statements A & B are required

d) Neither of the statements are required


10. Does Mr. Mathew give tution ?


A) Mathew is a teacher

B) In school, the teacher is not expected to give tutions


Ans. (d)



11. There is no power cut in advanced country. If T is a city, Is there power cut in that city?


A) Z is a advanced country

B) T ia a capital city of country Z


Ans. (c)


12. Tanzanians are in East Africa. Tanzanians are good in either education ,dance or music


A) Tanzanians are good at Education

B) East Africa are good at dance & Music.


Ans. (a)


13. On a single day, 14 children are admitted in a school by their mothers.2 are sisters, 3 are brothers,2 are brother and sister and 2 are twins.The rest are singles. How many mothers came?


(a) 5

(b) 7

(c) 9

(d) 14



Problem on cisterns & pipes.


14.It will take 8hrs to fill a cistern. But due to leak at the bottom, it takes 10 hrs to fill it. In how many hrs, the full tank will be emptied because of the leak.?


(a) 18

(b) 8

(c) 40

(d) 10


Ans. (c)


Question regarding men & work


15. A does alone a piece of work in 4 days.B does the same piece of work alone in 8 days.C does alone a work in 10 days.In how many days will A, B, C together complete the work


(a) 40/19

(b) 19/40

(c) 1/22

(d) 2


Ans. (a)



16. In 3.5 Kg rod , there is 74% silver. If it is alloyed with a 0.5 Kg rod, the % of silver goes up to 84%. The percent of silver in 0.5 Kg rod?


17. Two chords of lengths L1 and L2 are drawn in a circle. Their lengths are inversely proportional to the straight distance joining the center end the radius of circle.


18. A Kg of tea costs Rs 49.50 . But the supplier gives 10 gms less for every Kg he sold. What is the actual cost.


(a) 49.001

(b) 49.005

(c) 49.01

(d) Same


Ans. (b)




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