Written Test has 2 Sections A, B In Section A there were 20 Questions:


Time :30 min


Small Answer Type


Multiple choice




1.Two tables emp (empid,name,deptid,sal) and dept(deptid,deptname) are there.write a query which displays empname,corresponding deptname also display those employee names who donot belong to any dept.


2.Display the employees whose salary is less than average salary.


3.what is the output of the program



int c=5;

printf("%d\n%d\n%d",c,c<<2,c>> 2);



4. main()


int a[8][10],c=0,i,j;


i++) for(j=0;

j<8;j++) a[j][i]=c++;




5.What is the wrong in this program



char *p,*q;

p=(char *)malloc(25);

q=(char*) malloc(25);

strcpy(p,"amazon" );






6.write prefix and post fix notation for (a+b)*c-(d+e)^(f-g)


7.what is the output of the program



int i=5;

printf("%d",fun(fun(fun(fun( fun(i))))));


void fun (int i)

{ if(i%2) return (i+(7*4)-(5/2)+(2*2));

else return (i+(17/5)-(34/15)+(5/2));



8.When it is always true boolean fun

(node *p)


return ((p==null)||(p->next==null)|| (p->info<=p->next->info)&&( fun(p->next)));


a) when list is empty or has one node

b) when the ele are sorted in non decreasing order

c) when the ele are sorted in non increasing order


9.what is x here (x&&!(x&(x-1))==1)

a) x is always a prime

b) x is a power of 2

c) x is even d)x is odd


10 .What is the difference between deep copy and shallow copy


11.In java what is the difference between sleep() and wait() .


12.What happens when the parent process of a child process exits before the child ?


13.There are three persons A,B,C .A shots the target 6 times out of 7 shots .B shots 4 out of 5 shots .Then what is the probability of hitting the target twice when 2 persons are selected at random.


14.what is valid in cpp char *cp; const char *cpp; 1) cpp=cp; 2) cp=cpp;


15.write program to swap 2 variables without using extra memory.


16.write a shell command to find all java files present in nested directories.


17.There are 6 pairs of black socks and 6 pairs of white socks.What is the probability to pick a pair of black or white socks when 2 socks are selected randomly in darkness.


18.A string of alphanumeric is there.Find a string that starts with b and ends with 3 characters. section B (we have to write programs) time:30 min

    1. There is a sorted array which is of very large size.In that all except one no. are repeated once.How to find that non repeated no.

    2. There are 2 linked lists.Those 2 lists are meeting at a point.How to find that meeting point.


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